Lynn Marshall’s family history is inseparable from that of Portland.

Spanning five generations, back to the founding of the city, there are simply no other realtors with deeper local roots. Lynn’s surname even represents the M street in the “alphabet” district of Portland. The name is no coincidence; it was Lynn’s great-great-great grandfather, an esteemed river boat navigator of the Willamette and Columbia rivers, after whom the now charming street was named. Family lore even claims that it was a Marshall who flipped the coin which decided the city’s name.

Fast-forward to modern Portland, and the Marshall thumbprint can be seen on many of its most prestigious developments like Forest Heights, Claremont, Charbonneau and the many custom-built homes over the NW Hills. Lynn has worked side by side with her father, developer George Marshall, by marketing and selling those diverse homes throughout the Portland metropolitan area.